The Hanging Girl by Eileen Cook


Skye Thorn has given tarot card readings for years, and now her psychic visions are helping the police find the town’s missing golden girl. It’s no challenge—her readings have always been faked, but this time she has some insider knowledge. The kidnapping was supposed to be easy—no one would get hurt and she’d get the money she needs to start a new life. But a seemingly harmless prank has turned dark, and Skye realizes the people she’s involved with are willing to kill to get what they want and she must discover their true identity before it’s too late. 

As a note, an ARC/ finished copy of this novel was sent to me by the publisher and or author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinions in any way.

Courtesy of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.


I was disappointed on how this book went. It felt like the plot was disorganized. I found it confusing at points. An Example of this is how Skye went the library, pulled out a book and wrote yes to the note inside saying “Are you in?” There was no context before then so I was completely confused as to what that meant and how did Skye know to look there in the first place? Even though this was all explained later it really threw me off. Another thing was Pluto. Pluto just appeared. I was let be like who the hell is Pluto? Why does Skye know him/her? When did this offer to participate in Paige’s kidnapping for money happen? Too many questions with no context and no answers.

I appreciate twists in novels but there too many at one time hitting me like a brick wall. Pluto turns out to be Paige and then she ends up dead, Paige finds a note saying Paige’s dad murdered her, but it turns it out it was Skye’s mom that actually murdered her. Again so confused and going back pages to see if I missed a crucial key somehow along the way that would make these twists less jarring. 

The narrative didn’t really work for me. 

What did give this novel stars at all was the interesting premise. A girl that uses her supposed psychic abilities to help aid police in a missing person case who also does Tarot card readings. Hell yeah, I would read anything that has to do with psychics, mediums, tarot cards, what have you. Even though the twists were too crazy I always have to give credit when I did not see them coming at all and I did not expect any of them. Predictability does not take part in this book and I appreciate it.

Can’t say I would recommend this book there’s better books out there.

This book will be available for purchase, wherever books are sold, on 10/03/2017, in hardcover format for $17.99. Recommended for readers in grade 9 and up. 

Pages: 320

Format: Hardcover



Rating: 1/5


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